Meet Nikki

Niche Photography
(Photograph taken by Jennifer Moher)


 Happy to have you here folks!

I love that I have been given the honour to document real love and real life. I approach photography the same way I approach my personal life; with enthusiasm, passion, and love. I became fascinated with photographs at a very young age. I can think back to childhood days, anxiously awaiting my Mom to return home with rolls of developed film and the happiness it brought me to sort through and pick out all my favourites. For as long as I can remember behind the lens has been one of my happiest places. It is the perfect way for me to channel my energy (the inner child in me) connect with wicked people, and live out my greatest passion.

Photography allows me to constantly be surrounded by love, humans and light. Three things that I hold very dear to my heart. I strive to capture unscripted honest moments that reflect who my clients really are. With an authentic photo-journalism style, this has become the fuel behind my passion; to capture real love and life. If you being here means you would like me to follow you up into the mountains or down along the shores of the ocean, I’m thrilled to be one of those you’ve chosen to be surrounded by and take great pride in such an honour. Please note, if you hire me I will dance at your wedding.

I am beyond grateful that you are here reading this. Cheers!

You should know; I am an enthusiastic person by nature and I will dance at your wedding. 

These are just a few things I fancy;

Ellen (she is my girl), photographs, honest moments, the incredible people I call my family and friends, mother nature and all it’s glory, the fall season and everything it comes with, sitting by a campfire and getting mesmerized by the flame and drenched in the smell, watching a sunrise and the sunset, travelling and adventures, diving into DIY projects and feeling crafty, anything vintage. I consider country music to be rooted deep in my soul.





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